Category: Calypso

  • Resolution Song By Samantha Grant

    SSignal Productions presents to you for Earth Day April 22nd, Samantha Grant – Resolution Song. Written by Project Resolution, England. Version arranged by Bonny Alves. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by SSignal Productions.

  • Thank God For Life By Tamika Johnson

    Thank God For Life By Tamika Johnson. Written by Tameka Johnson, Background Vocals by Karen Johnson and Tameka Johnson. Produced by Leston Paul, Mixed by Leston Paul/ E Michaud, Mastered by The Mastering Room. Calif. USA.

  • Party Caribbean Meets Alexander The Great

    In this episode we meet London based musician, songwriter and calypsonian ‘Alexander The Great’ as he shares his creativity, life journey and his view on the Notting Hill Carnival. This interview took place in May 2018 at Bell Percussion Studios, Acton London. [fvplayer id=”9″]